Matilda and Miss Honey in our Summer 2016 ShowDrama is a fantastic way to build confidence and learn how to express your feelings which appeals to all ages. OmniArts is a drama school with a difference, that aims to embody this thought.
All members are given the opportunity to decide on the shows they perform, and who plays who. Each member is also given the chance to learn about what goes in to organising a show, and, those who would like to will be given different roles for creating, promoting, sourcing props and costumes for the show.


My two children attend this group on a Wednesday – they love it !! both have learned lots of different skills, and gained lots more confidence. It’s fun without exam pressure and gets them active.

Youth Theatre Members Acting as PiratesEquality and Inclusion

Our drama, music and dance school is open to anyone! We are an all inclusive group, and welcome anyone who is interested in the performing arts.

If you are worried about you/your child joining OmniArts due to a disability or confidence issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Becki, our director via email: or call her on 07584 662225, to discuss meeting up with one or more of us before attending a lesson.

You can also find some answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.


Our Aims

  • To provide a safe and friendly environment for actors of all ages over 5 and abilities to perform together.
  • To accept anyone for an audition, no matter their religion, race or disabilities.
  • To provide the opportunity for our members to not only perform on stage, but to learn about and participate in screen, street and other types of performances.
  • To offer opportunities to students at local places of education to gain experiences by taking part in the shows which OmniArts Performing School produces. These opportunities include, but are not limited to: set building, photography, playwriting, sound and lighting technician work, hair and makeup, costume designers and graphic designers.
  • To provide our students (members of OmniArts Performing School) the chance to learn about others cultures and customs through the medium of performance.

What’s in a Name?

We chose our name carefully to represent exactly what we are about. The prefix “Omni” is a combining form meaning “all”, and as an equal opportunities drama school, we felt this was a perfect fit. Due to the fact that we offer much more than just the opportunity to perform on stage (see our about page for more information) we opted to go with “Performing School” rather than “Theatre Company”.

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