My child has a learning/physical/mental disability. Can they join?
Yes. We welcome everyone at OmniArts, and believe that anyone who wants to perform, should be able to. Please make us aware of your/their disability before the first lesson.

If you/your child usually requires a carer with them, then we would ask that they accompany them to every lesson.

If the disability you/they have requires special knowledge, then we would ask that someone accompanies them to lessons until the mentors have had a chance to learn about it, and go on a training course if necessary.

If you have any worries or queries about this, please don’t hesitate to contact our director, Becki on becki@omniartsps.co.uk or 07584662225 to have a chat, or arrange a meeting to talk things over.

The hall we rehearse in is on the second floor, however the building has a lift, and a disability friendly entrance.

What performances do you do other than stage work?
We don’t like to put a limit on what it is we do – as a community led organisation, the members get to choose what they do, however here is a list of things that we have plans for at the moment:

  • Stage Productions
  • Screen Productions (getting involved in others films, as well as creating our own)
  • Street Performances
  • Improvisational Performances (think “Whose Line is it Anyway”)
  • Events (this ranges from re-enactments to devised pieces to extracts from our favourite shows!)

We are also not limited to our own productions. We are always seeking out new places for us to perform, and competitions to enter.

What else do you do, other than performances?
We strongly believe that performing is only one part of our industry. There are many other parts that you should know about, and we do our best to help out members out with these. As with the performances, we don’t like to put a limit on what we do, as we expand as our members see fit, however here is a list of things that we do at the moment:

  • Help students out with things such as CV’s, headshots and portfolio work.
  • Offer a place for members creativity to shine. We take our members other talents and incorporate them into each show – whether that be writing, designing, painting, or anything else.
  • Each student is given the opportunity to help with other aspects of a show – from castings, costumes and makeup, to producing, directing and promoting.
  • Offer a library of useful books which can be borrowed by any student to help with their studying. The books in this library range from film studies, to plays and different styles of performing.

Our mentors are just that. They are not there to tell our students that there is a right and wrong way to everything, they are there to guide, and take on ideas. They are there to help not only in performance related things, but also as a friend, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to listen.

What should I wear?
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes to our lessons – not jeans or a dress / skirt. Each lesson will have different focus’s depending on what show / event we are working towards, but if this will impact what you should wear, you will be informed of this before the lesson.

Is there a discount available for relatives to attend?
At the moment no, however we have set our prices to be affordable for all, as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn to act, sing and dance!

How often do we have to pay?
Payment is flexible. If possible, we would prefer for a minimum of four weeks to be paid for in advance, however we understand that this isn’t always possible, and so if you need a more flexible payment plan, this can be arranged.

Can my parent / guardian / carer stay to watch lessons?
Yes, of course they can! If you can let us know before a lesson if you are having someone stay, that would be helpful.

What is parking like at Havelock Community Centre?
There is on street parking right outside which is limited to one hour, however there is plenty of free on-street parking in the neighbouring residential roads.

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, your first session is free.

Do we have to pay for missed lessons?
Missed lessons are chargeable if given less than one weeks notice.

Do you run classes during holidays?
We do not run during half terms and Christmas. If there is enough demand from members to run during Easter and Summer Holidays then we do.

Can my child join if term has already started?
Yes, depending on how far in to the term, and what we are working on.

Is there a bus or train station nearby?
There is a bus stop on Albert Road, and Fratton is the closest train station.

How can I contact you?
Via email becki@omniartsps.co.uk or 07584662225